Men & Women in Transition


Men & Women in Transition


First Care Women's Clinic
Provide childcare, bake cookies for classes, or be trained as a counselor to assist First Care Women's Clinic (FCWC) in its mission to help women and men deal positively with an unexpected pregnancy. We support FCWC with donations of money, clothing, supplies, food, and meeting rooms in addition to volunteer hours. Learn more here at

The Extension
The Extension provides comprehensive addiction treatment services and life rehabilitation at two resident facilities – one for men and one for women. FPC supports The Extension through donations of money, supplies, and volunteers to prepare meals, make repairs, teach life skills classes, and more.
For current volunteer needs, call (770) 590-9075 x301 or visit

The Zone
"The Zone" is an extension of the Davis Direction Foundation’s non-profit corporation, that is led and governed by people in recovery, family members, friends and allies. It is a Recovery Community Organization (RCO) that mobilizes resources within and outside of the recovery community to make is possible for the recovery population to find long-term recovery.  FPC supports The Zone.  Find out how you can help or get help at