We invite you to join our church family.

At First Presbyterian Church, we believe joining a church as an official member is an important step. We don’t get to pick our biological families, but we do get to choose a church home where we will worship God and invest time, energy, and resources for his kingdom. Becoming a member is simply a way of letting the rest of the church know that you are committed to the life of this church, and for the church membership to receive you as a new member of the family.

New Member Orientation Class

If you would like to know more about FPC, are a new member, or are considering becoming a member, we ask you to attend a New Member Orientation. These classes detail the core beliefs which inspire what we do as a church, what it means to be part of a Presbyterian church, and provides an opportunity to meet both staff and volunteer leaders of ministry groups of interest. During this time of physical distancing, our classes are being held online. The following video provides an introduction to the orientation.

Want to learn more?
Contact Matt Burnham at mattburnham2021@gmail.com.


We’d love to hear from you, whether you have a question, suggestion or just want to get involved. Fill out this form to get in touch. And be sure to connect with us on social media to join our online community.

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