Music & Fine Arts at FPC

The inclusion of fine arts at FPC shares the gifts and creativity of our members and enhances our worship through music, painting, sculpture, and drawing. Find ways to share your gifts below.

Joy Choir
4s  – Kindergarten
Sundays at Journey 
Welcome your kids to their first choir experience with this exciting opportunity for little ones to worship through song. The Joy Choir rehearses weekly and ministers to our congregation  throughout the year.

Alleluia Singers
Grades 1-2
Sundays at Journey
Help your child develop their talents in joy and worship, learning the rudiments of vocal technique and choral singing.

Kid’s Bell Choir
Grades 3-5
Sundays at Journey
Immerse your children into other cultures of the world through this special group activity combining music and fellowship.

For more information, contact Jeffrey Meeks.

Chancel Choir
Wednesdays from 7pm – 8:30pm
The Chancel Choir has positions open in every section, welcoming anyone who’s eager to demonstrate their love for Christ, one another and their community. The choir sings a wide variety of music—from Renaissance and Baroque period classics, to contemporary jazz and gospel arrangements from the African American tradition.

The Chancel Choir has traveled across the U.S., Europe and the Middle East to perform, and has collaborated with a number of other talented groups, including the Georgia Youth Choir and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra.

For more information, contact Dr. Jeffrey Meeks at (770) 427-0293 x262.

Carillon Ringers Handbell Choir
Sundays from 6pm – 7:20pm
Located in room #239
This group welcomes any interested musicians, from high school student to adults, beginners to advanced ringers. Become a part of the long-standing tradition of FPC’s annual Christmas Carol Sing.

For more information, contact Dr. Jeffrey Meeks at (770) 427-0293 x262.

Kirk Ringers
Mondays at 7pm
Located in room #239
If you’re a more experienced musician with advanced ringing techniques and the ability to sight read music, the Kirk Ringers is the group for you. They’ve performed throughout the US and Europe, and are always planning new mission/concert tours to share their talents. Join the group for dinner at 5:30 before weekly rehearsals for some extra fellowship and fun.

For more information, contact Dr. Jeffrey Meeks at (770) 427-0293 x262.

Church Street Brass

The Church Street Strings
For more information, contact Will Myers.

Music & Fine Arts Institute
Registration is now open for virtual private instruction for piano, violin, viola or voice. Our instructors look forward to helping community members of all ages and experience levels grow as musicians.

$20 annual registration fee plus

$30 per 30-minute lesson

$45 per 45-minute lesson

$60 per 60-minute lesson

How to enroll

Dr. Jeffrey Meeks, Director of Music & Fine Arts
189 Church Street, Marietta, GA 30060

  • Set up a weekly time and start date with the referred instructor.
  • Pay your registration fee and tuition for the first month. Tuition can be mailed to the church, dropped off at the front desk or turned into Jeffrey Meeks’s office. Make checks payable to FPC Marietta.

Read our Private Instruction Policy here.

FPC Fine Arts
FPC Fine Arts is made up of artists of all ages who seek to share our God-given talents and skills with each other and our congregation. Our purpose is to celebrate the arts in our church community by supporting each other and, where appropriate, enhance the worship experience of our congregation. We welcome all artists (visual, sculpture, textiles, literature, culinary, performing) from our faith community!

For more information or to get involved, please contact Linda Bush.

Preschool Fine Arts Friday
Fine Arts Friday is offered as a supplement to the 3-year-old classes. Through arts education, the
teachers encourage creative thinking, self-expression, discovery of new talents, and growth in confidence.

Join Music & Arts Groups in Marietta, GA

Flourish with our faith community as we sing, create, and dance together in joyous praise. Our choirs, instrumental groups, and fine arts artists are a fundamental aspect of the heart and soul of our congregation. We strive to empower our members through music & arts opportunities and are committed to honoring God with every beautiful rhythm, dance, and music lesson. We have a diverse selection of music and arts programs available in Marietta, GA, and welcome anyone hoping to express their joy for the Lord through artistic expression and musical excellence.

Our music & arts programs in Marietta, GA are a foundational aspect of our community of faith. As we lift our hands in worship and honor Christ through music and arts, instrumental excellence, and choir groups that have a passion for praise, every aspect of our church benefits from the uplifting energy. We’re always looking for new choir members, skilled band members, and offer a variety of music and arts programs for developing new skills, learning fundamentals, and finding encouragement from other caring members of the church.

When you sign up for our choir groups in Marietta, GA, you’ll find experienced vocal guidance and engage with other choir members that are motivated to see you succeed. Whether you’re new to singing, have years of experience, or are hoping to make new friends at church, our choir groups are a great way to develop healthy bonds, strengthen and perfect your voice, and share the love of the Lord through song.

  • Children’s Choir
  • The Chancel Choir
  • Carillon Ringers Handbell Choir
  • Kirk Ringers Handbell Choir

Music & Arts Are an Inextricable Part of Worship Expression

Our music and arts programs in Marietta, GA include fun practice sessions, welcoming atmospheres, and are available for any age or skill level. God doesn’t judge, and neither do we; thanks to the variety of music and arts opportunities available, whatever your skill or ability level is, we’ll help you find the perfect class, choir, or performance group that aligns with your passions and abilities.

If you’d love to join one of our music & arts groups but aren’t quite ready for the stage, we offer professional music lessons in Marietta, GA. All of our supportive teachers practice patience, kindness, and bring years of private education experience to every session. You can learn how to perfect your singing pitch, learn a new instrument like violin or piano, or join a dance or art class to learn essential artistic abilities. 

Have questions about our music and fine arts programs or wish to get involved?

Reach out to our dedicated staff anytime.

Dr. Jeffrey Meeks


Learn More About the Best Music & Arts Programs at FPC

Our music and arts programs feature something for everyone. We’re constantly practicing new songs, encouraging our members to become their best and honor the Lord with every performance, dance, and praise. Our choirs, performance artists, and bands bring light into the world, so sign up today and join us on our mission to share the beacon of God’s light within our communities. 

If you’d love to become a part of our choirs, bands, or are interested in private music lessons at First Presbyterian Church, get in touch with our music team to learn more. We’re passionate about sharing the love of the Lord through artistic expression and can’t wait for you to join our praise teams as we continue to uplift, inspire, and honor God with every song, dance, and tune.