Gifts of the Spirit Assessment

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1. I am able to see the overall picture when presented with a challenge or opportunity.(Required)
2. I enjoy creating things of beauty.(Required)
3. I learn from my experiences and mistakes.(Required)
4. I recognize when someone is feeling low and try to encourage them.(Required)
5. I emphasize salvation when I share my faith with an unbeliever.(Required)
6. I depend on my faith to face challenges in life.(Required)
7. It is important to use financial resources responsibly.(Required)
8. I notice the needs of others and see what can be done.(Required)
9. I make people feel comfortable.(Required)
10. I can delegate to others to accomplish a goal.(Required)
11. I feel compassion for people who are struggling.(Required)
12. I see truth and bring it to light.(Required)
13. I enjoy being a mentor.(Required)
14. I have the ability to explain concepts to people in ways they can understand.(Required)
15. I am an organized, detail-oriented person.(Required)
16. Music and the arts communicate feelings to me that are beyond what words can express.(Required)
17. I apply scripture to my daily life.(Required)
18. I give practical examples to aid in finding a solution.(Required)
19. I feel it is important to share the Gospel with people who have not heard it.(Required)
20. I am empowered to act on my beliefs because of my faith in God.(Required)
21. I feel joyful when I can give to a cause I believe in.(Required)
22. I am drawn to meet the needs of others.(Required)
23. I like to welcome new people to a group.(Required)
24. I easily motivate others to complete a task.(Required)
25. I am sensitive to the feelings of others.(Required)
26. I have the courage to speak out even when it is not popular.(Required)
27. I feel responsible for the well-being of others.(Required)
28. I enjoy learning new ideas and concepts.(Required)
29. I can identify actionable steps to achieve goals.(Required)
30. I like to think of different ways to be creative.(Required)
31. I can recognize truth even in contentious situations.(Required)
32. I am patient and tolerant when others express their issues.(Required)
33. I feel comfortable sharing my faith outside of church.(Required)
34. I trust in God’s plan for my life.(Required)
35. God helps me meet my needs so that I can give to others.(Required)
36. I like to help people without judging whether they deserve my help.(Required)
37. I make an effort to include everyone in a conversation or activity.(Required)
38. People look to me to guide them.(Required)
39. Easing the suffering of others fulfills me.(Required)
40. I need to show others the meaning of God’s word.(Required)
41. I value the deep relationships found in a small group of friends.(Required)
42. I stimulate others to learn and share their ideas.(Required)
43. I can identify the people and resources that will be needed to accomplish goals.(Required)
44. Singing, playing a musical instrument, or creating a work of beauty restores my spirit.(Required)
45. I have an innate ability to choose right from wrong.(Required)
46. I find fulfillment in supporting others as they tackle challenges in their lives.(Required)
47. I feel led by the Holy Spirit to share my faith with others.(Required)
48. God has enabled me to overcome obstacles that once seemed impossible to me.(Required)
49. Sharing my time, talent, and money with others fulfills me.(Required)
50. I find practical ways to accomplish an immediate goal.(Required)
51. I show appreciation for the people in my life.(Required)
52. I can make timely, firm decisions when necessary.(Required)
53. I treat others with kindness and gentleness.(Required)
54. I can perceive hypocrisy.(Required)
55. I try to nurture the spiritual health of others.(Required)
56. I need to be sure the sources I cite are reliable.(Required)
57. Completing tasks on time is important to me.(Required)
58. I feel useful when others are inspired by what I have created.(Required)
59. I focus on what is important.(Required)
60. I am open-minded and comfortable dealing with a wide variety of people and beliefs.(Required)
61. If I experience resistance when sharing the Gospel, I see it as a chance to plant seeds.(Required)
62. I feel anchored by my belief in God.(Required)
63. I feel blessed when I give generously.(Required)
64. I enjoy using my time and talent to help people.(Required)
65. I enjoy helping others to connect by making introductions or creating opportunities for social activities.(Required)
66. I am able to keep a group focused on accomplishing a goal.(Required)
67. I love to give practical help to someone in pain.(Required)
68. I have a sense of duty to value justice over peace.(Required)
69. I strive for unity in groups.(Required)
70. I am motivated to validate and know the truth of any matter.(Required)


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