Thank you!

Below are your scores for the 14 different Spiritual Gifts included in this assessment.

Those with the highest scores indicate what you assessed to be your strongest gifts.

For each gift, you could have scored a maximum of 20.

Find a description of each of these gifts and what your scores might mean for you in the Gifts of the Spirit brochure.

Administration: {Administration:10}

Artistic Expression: {Artistic Expression:11}

Discernment: {Discernment:12}

Encouragement: {Encouragement:13}

Evangelism: {Evangelism:78}

Faithfulness: {Faith:79}

Generosity: {Giving:80}

Helping: {Helping:81}

Hospitality: {Hospitality:82}

Leadership: {Leadership:83}

Mercy: {Mercy:84}

Prophecy: {Prophecy:85}

Shepherding: {Sheperding:86}

Teaching: {Teaching:87}


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