This brochure is a part of the summer 2023 focus on Gifts of the Spirit, and together with a series of 9 sermons and a personal “Gifts of the Spirit” assessment, they are designed to help you become more aware of your God-given gifts and to recognize those gifts in others.

You can find the assessment online here and on paper in the Gathering Space.

This Assessment is in response to the Vision 2035 Survey from the spring of 2022 and is offered by the Spirituality and Ecumenical Relations Task Force to offer more opportunities for spiritual growth in our everyday life and in the activities of our church.

There are many gifts of the Spirit. We have done our best to include those most frequently mentioned in scripture, but there are too many to include them all. And over time, our gifts change and develop – God is at work in us!

Find a description of each of these gifts and what your scores

might mean for you below or in the Gifts of the Spirit Brochure.


This gift of the Spirit enables people to attend to details and make timely decisions to attain goals. They see the big picture and can organize time, talent, and resources to achieve a desired result.

Potential areas for service: Planning, projects, committees, officers, stewardship


This is the gift of the Spirit that enables us to make beautiful things of all kinds to glorify God and to inspire others. People with this gift are often creative and innovative.

Potential areas for service: Worship, communications, community activities


A person with this gift is willing to learn from experience on their journey with the Lord. They recognize truth and choose right from wrong, applying scripture to their daily life.

Potential areas for service: Committees, officers, planning, youth groups, Sunday School and Bible study leadership


An encourager shares God’s confidence and hope with others as they face challenges. A person with this gift is open-minded, patient, and tolerant as they listen to a person in need. An encourager’s support helps others grow in belief and strengthen their faith.

Potential areas for service: Fellowship and support groups, youth groups, missions


This gift enables a person to willingly share their faith. They have the desire to reach unbelievers and are led to share and emphasize the salvation of Christ. They plant the seed of faith in those who may not know the saving grace of our Lord.

Potential areas for service: Missions, outreach, witness


Don’t confuse the gift of faithfulness with “saving faith” which is available to all who believe in Christ. Faithfulness is shown by one’s actions. A person with this gift is anchored in an unshakeable trust in God. They have confidence in His power to overcome obstacles, so much so that they can accomplish seemingly impossible things.

Potential areas for service: All areas


People with the gift of generosity are responsible when managing resources of time, talent, and money. They joyfully share resources with others to help meet their needs. They trust in God to provide for them so that they can help provide for others.

Potential areas for service: Missions, outreach, community activities, finance, stewardship


A person with the gift of helping recognizes and meets the needs of others without judging whether the help is deserved. They enjoy using their time and talent to serve others and the church, and they offer practical assistance to accomplish goals. They see something that needs to be done, and they do it!

Potential areas for service: Missions, fellowship and support groups, outreach


A person with the gift of hospitality is naturally welcoming and makes people feel comfortable and appreciated. They enjoy helping people to connect by making introductions or organizing social events.

Potential areas for service: Fellowship, witness, greeters, youth activities, outreach


Someone with the gift of leadership motivates, guides, and focuses groups to accomplish goals. They are able to delegate tasks and make timely, firm decisions to ensure goals are achieved.

Potential areas for service: Committees, officers, planning


A person with this gift treats another’s distress with empathy and sensitivity. They show compassion for those around them and try to relieve the suffering of others.

Potential areas for service: Missions, support groups, outreach


This gift gives a person the courage to speak out and show others the truth of God’s Word. They revere justice over keeping the peace when sharing what is divinely revealed to them. This gift will enable the person to see where an action or thought will lead.

Potential areas for service: Planning, administrative activities


A shepherd feels responsible for the spiritual well-being of others as they walk alongside them in their journey. A person with this gift enjoys being a mentor, values the deep relationships offered by a small group, and strives for harmony within the group.


Potential areas for service: Fellowship and support groups, missions, children’s activities, youth activities, Sunday School and Bible study leadership


A person with the gift of teaching desires to communicate God’s Word and to correct erroneous beliefs. They are clear when communicating biblical truth, stimulating others to find its relevance in their lives. This person enjoys learning and utilizes reliable sources when researching.

Potential areas for service: Sunday School and Bible study leadership, children’s activities, youth activities


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