Preschool Staff


Preschool Staff

Our experienced faculty has extensive continuous study in Early Childhood Education. 


Preschool Staffing 2019-2020

Tuesday/Thursday 1s
Lead: Julie Baer
Assistant: Virginia Almy

Wednesday/Friday 1s

Lead: Julie Baer
Assistant: Kelly Moran

Tuesday/Thursday 2s
Lead: Susanne Clearman
Assistant: Ginny Brogan

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 2s
Lead: Cindy Bozza
Assistant: Jennifer Bever

Wednesday/Friday 2s
Lead: Mindy Cornille
Assistant: Emily Kelly

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 2s
Lead: Susanne Clearman
Assistant: Ginny Brogan

Monday through Thursday 3s
Lead: Leigh Ann Rapp
Assistant: Cat Mew

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 3s
Lead: Caroline Murrell
Assistant: Kelie Crowe

Monday/Tuesday/Thursday 3s
Co-Lead: Fran Biddle
Co-Lead: Dena Harding

Monday/Wednesday/Friday 3s
Lead: Jen Smith
Assistant: Ginger Collier 

Monday through Friday 4s
Lead: Kathy Campbell
Assistant: Courtney Rimmer

Monday through Thursday 4s
Lead: Susan Kreuzer
Assistant: Brooke Bell

Monday through Thursday 4s
Lead: Mandi Moore
Assistant: Jen Martel

Lead: Mary Claire Porter
Assistant: Melissa McGarity

Fine Arts Friday 3s (MTTh Classes)
Lead: Lauren Hyatt
Assistant: Virginia Almy

Fine Arts Friday 3s (M-Th Class)
Lead: Laura Surace
Assistant: Donna Shiver

Heather Buehner

Mother Goose:
Carey Pearce

Emily Hobel

Science Enrichment:
Debbie Fronzak

Director:  Betsy Sherwood
Assistant Director:  Natalie Foster
Business Manager:  Allison Gruehn  

Staff Highlights and Fun Facts

30 teachers and 3 administrators comprise our Preschool Staff.
Our most tenured teacher has been here for 29 years.
100 % of our lead teachers have earned a four year college degree.
10 staff members hold a certificate in Early Education or a related field.
9 staff members have a Master’s Degree in Education or a related field.
2 teachers are FPC Preschool graduates.
30 staff members’ children attended or are currently attending the Preschool.