Global Missions


Global Missions


In Mark 16:15, after Jesus rises from the dead and appears to his disciples, he tells them to “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.” It’s basically a charge to take everything they learned from him and go teach it - to tell people that through his life, death, and resurrection, Jesus provided a way for each of us to be reconciled with God, no matter where we’re from or what we’ve done. It’s the world’s best story!

At First Presbyterian Church (FPC), we take that charge to heart every day, and we don’t want to neglect the “go into all the world” part. Sometimes we get to “go” ourselves, and sometimes we support others in their work around the world. What is God calling you to do?

If you have questions about international missions or our partner organizations, contact Rev. Joe Brice at (770) 427-0293 x256.


She is Safe: Dalit Women’s Center
Once a month, a group meets at FPC to assess and respond to the needs of the Dalit Women’s Center in India. At the Center, women and girls rescued from abuse or exploitation learn about God’s love and develop business skills, helping to ensure a better future for their daughters.

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Casa Samuel
Several time a year, FPC sends teams to Renacimiento, Mexico to serve at Casa Samuel, a Christian ministry that provides meals to school children, winter coats and jackets to those in need, adolescent drug rehab, and ministry to mothers and women in the community.

Contact Nancy Tatnall


Spring Break Mission Trip:
High School Juniors and Seniors
In March or April of each year, juniors and seniors travel overseas to serve on a mission trip. Once students sign up for the trip and put down a deposit, they find out where they’re going. We do it this way because we want students to go on the trip because they feel called to go, not to see a certain travel destination.

For more information, contact Andrew McIntosh at (770) 427-0293 x261

Rise Against Hunger
The mission statement for Rise Against Hunger is driven by the vision of a world without hunger. Our mission is to end hunger in our lifetime by providing food and life-changing aid to the world’s most vulnerable and creating a global commitment to mobilize the necessary resources.Join your church friends the next time Rise Against Hunger is scheduled here.

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KENYA: Life for Children Ministry
This ministry reaches out to the children of Kenya that have been orphaned by the AIDS/HIV pandemic. Their philosophy is to place these children with their extended relatives in their native communities to help preserve their heritage and self-esteem. Life For Children Ministry provides food, clothing, healthcare, education and most importantly Christian faith to give these little souls a chance.  FPC supports this ministry in various ways, including providing funds for homes and microloans.  

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Pray for Our Missionaries        

Wycliffe Bible Translators: Steve & Kathy Womack
Steve & Kathy Womack celebrate 30 years with Wycliffe in 2014. They've served in South America and Africa. Now from North Carolina, Steve facilitates the assignment of staff to and from Wycliffe locations in sub-Saharan Africa. Steve trains the Human Resource workers assigned to Africa in Personnel systems. Kathy has been involved in the mentoring and training of Wycliffe staff in Africa and now at the Wycliffe training center, JAARS, in NC.

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UNITED KINGDOM: Tom & Judy Harvey
Tom is the Academic Dean of the Oxford Centre for Mission Studies (OCMS) in Cambridge, England, a critical center for global Christianity and mission. Judy serves in team ministry. The global reach of the OCMS is reflected in the diversity of its student body, which includes 120 doctoral scholars from more than 40 countries.

CRU: Brianna  Esa
Brianna Esa is one of our “homegrown” missionaries, the daughter of former pastor Rev. Don Esa. She now serves with CRU (Campus Crusade for Christ) in the Los Angeles area on the campuses of Cal State Fullerton and Long Beach. Brianna is specifically involved with DESTINO, the outreach to the Latino and Hispanic communities on campus. 

For more on Brianna, click here and enter password “destinoBri34”. Contact Brianna at (404) 514-8852

ZAMBIA: Charles & Melissa Johnson
Charles and Melissa Johnson have been invited to help the Church of Central Africa Presbyterian’s Zambia Synod expand its holistic ministry of community development, food security and improved health. Charles’ work is heavily focused on two distinct agricultural-related activities; the first consists of Charles’ efforts to develop an agricultural income generating activity-farming for profit. Charles’s other focus is teaching courses in sustainable agriculture at Chasefu Theological College, providing education to help the students feed their own families and also be able to provide training opportunities for these future pastors to teach others in new agricultural techniques.  Melissa works to facilitate the development and implementation of health education programs.

NOTE: Sometimes missionaries serve in "sensitive locations” and names and place of service need to be withheld for security reasons.  We have a missionary whose name and place of service may not be published online for the sake of safety for the missionary and the people served.  Please pray for our missionary’s safety, as well as God’s work in the lives of those served.