Welcome to our FPC Spiritual Gifts Inventory!

First of all, this is not a test. There are no right and wrong answers. This Spiritual Gifts Inventory is designed to help you become more aware of your God-given gifts, and perhaps to discover more about yourself.

The idea of a Spiritual Gifts Inventory is a direct response to the Vision 2035 Survey from the spring of 2022. Together with the summer series of sermons focusing on Gifts of the Spirit, it is the first initiative of the Spirituality and Ecumenical Relations Task Force to help our congregation focus more on Spirituality in our everyday life and in the activities of our church. Watch for more initiatives in the coming months.

There are many spiritual gifts; some are mentioned in the Bible. We have done our best to include those (1 Corinthians 12:4-11 and 28; Romans 12:4-8; 1 Peter 4:10-11, Ephesians 4:11-16, Isaiah 11: 1-3), but there are too many to include each and every spiritual gift. Please keep this in mind when you review the results.

The Inventory is presented as a series of questions. To each, you respond by choosing the answer that most closely describes you from the following choices: 1) Does not describe me; 2) Sometimes describes me; 3) Frequently describes me; 4) Describes me most, if not all, the time.

There are xxx questions; yes, that’s a lot, but many have been able to complete the survey in 20 minutes. Please try to complete the inventory in one sitting (there isn’t a way to save it and come back).

After all questions are answered, you will have a chance to print and/or email the results, and to see or print a brochure describing the gifts we have included in the survey (you also can pick up one in the Gathering Space). Unless you object (by checking a box toward the end of the survey), your top x gifts will be entered in Realm.

Thank you, we hope you find this worthwhile.


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