Spiritual Gifts Survey

1. I can take a seemingly impossible task and break it down into achievable goals.(Required)
2. I am able to emotionally identify with others.(Required)
3. I help anyone in need, regardless of whether they deserve or appreciate the help.(Required)
4. I have grown from the crises I have experienced.(Required)
5. I am able to help people make choices and clarify decisions.(Required)
6. I am ready to counsel people who have spiritual, emotional, or physical problems.(Required)
7. I give practical, material assistance to those who are in need.(Required)
8. I adapt well to changing environments.(Required)
9. I prefer working in the background rather than in the spotlight.(Required)
10. I will work hard to support any group that is fully committed to a good cause.(Required)
11. I am good at seeing many different sides to an issue and helping others see them as well.(Required)
12. I am a very curious person.(Required)
13. I recruit and lead people well.(Required)
14. I admit to my mistakes and learn from them.(Required)
15. I am patient and tolerant of others who are less mature in their spiritual development.(Required)
16. I enjoy accomplishing an organizational goal.(Required)
17. People are willing to listen to what I say because they understand that I have their best interests in mind(Required)
18. I try not to judge others based on my assumptions(Required)
19. I enjoy volunteering my time and talents to worthwhile causes(Required)
20. I am able to visualize the final results, able to picture the completed task and what it will take to accomplish it.(Required)


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