Shepherding the Flock Ministry Update


Shepherding the Flock Ministry Update

The Shepherding the Flock Ministry serves as a vital communication and care link between Shepherds and their assigned congregants (their Flock). Shepherds are a neighborly voice, sharing news and events of the church, as well as joys and concerns. Church members, in turn, may view their Shepherd as a person to contact with prayer requests or other concerns, and with news of joy and thanksgiving.

It is important that we keep our Shepherding flocks updated to make sure everyone who could benefit from this ministry is connected. In order to update or flocks, we are requesting that every family fill out the form below.

All forms should be completed by May 20th and returned to Kelly Dewar’s mailbox. At that time, those who have requested a Shepherd will either remain in their current flock, or be assigned to a flock.

We are grateful for the dedication of our Shepherds in their outreach to our members.

If you have any questions, please contact Kay Vaughn or Kelly Dewar.