About Our School


About Our School


is sponsored by the Family Ministries Council of First Presbyterian Church of Marietta (FPC) and is administered by a Preschool Board.

Our Goals Are To Help Every Child Grow

SOCIALLY...to help children learn to make new friends and communicate effectively.
EMOTIONALLY...to develop self-esteem and learn to adapt to new situations.
SPIRITUALLY...to understand God's love and appreciate the beauty of His creations.
ACADEMICALLY...to master the foundations of language, reading, and math.
CREATIVELY...to use art as a form of expression through activities, music, and movement.
PHYSICALLY...to use movement class and playground time to enhance physical development which play a critical role in a child's learning.


FPC Weekday Preschool has long used the play-based program, WEE Learn, as a foundation for our curriculum. Within that framework, our experienced teachers tailor their units to meet the needs and interests of their children. Through learning centers, small and large group activities, and individual instruction, teachers present developmentally appropriate content.

In addition to WEE Learn, we offer Zoo-phonics beginning in our three-year-old classes to supplement letter identification and phonetic awareness in a fun, playful way. Zoo-phonics engages the children’s senses while teaching through physical games and activities.

What People Are Saying About FPC Weekday Preschool:

“We chose FPC Weekday Preschool because of the play-based curriculum, and we are over-the-moon pleased with how our daughter has been learning and growing.”

“Finding FPC Weekday Preschool has been one of the greatest blessings in my children’s lives. They are known and loved, and their creative spirits and minds have been sparked.  I feel so thankful for this sweet school.”

“FPC is an extended family for us.  The teachers are so loving, and our children look forward to going to school each morning. Wonderful school!”

“We love the environment. You feel the warmth as soon as you enter the preschool halls. We love the smaller size and that everyone knows your children's names. It is the perfect place for our children to develop a love of learning.”

“The children are learning through play, which helps them develop cognitively, socially, and emotionally.”

“I love the positive environment, and I can see it on my children’s faces every day.”

“The Preschool has a wonderful reputation in the community as being a nurturing school with a well-rounded program that combines play-based learning in a faith-centered environment.”

“I chose FPC Weekday Preschool for its play-based program, warm and nurturing environment, and overall exceptional reputation within the Marietta community.”

“What I love about FPC Preschool is the welcome we get each morning!  I love the smiling faces and all the teachers saying good morning and knowing my child by name.  It is a great feeling to know they are loved.”

“FPC Weekday Preschool is a great place to insert your family and know that loving Christian adults will teach and lead your children.”

“I have sent four children through FPC and have loved every single teacher we’ve had.  My kids have enjoyed each year, have felt loved and have left the school highly prepared for kindergarten.”

“My children LOVE to come to school!  My prayer has been that they will love learning. I can say with grateful confidence that my prayer has been answered.”