PNC Bios


PNC Bios

PNC Members

(Top row, left to right: James Goodlet, Brent Law, Paul Phillips, Karl Maasen, Katherine Harrison. Bottom row, left to right: Nancy Tatnall, Lynne Sloop, Mary Margaret Doyle, Catherine Mew )

Mary Margaret Doyle  – Mary Margaret has served as Chair of the ONC, FPC Preschool Board Chair, Adult Sunday School Coordinator, Diaconate secretary and is a current member of the Session. She is involved with Congregational life, Fellowship Breakfast, VBS as a volunteer and a Youth volunteer. Mary Margaret is a life-long member of FPC.

Paul Phillips  - Paul has been a member of FPC since 1983, and is currently serving FPC on Stewardship Council and Cherokee Presbytery as secretary of the Committee on Ministry. Paul has been involved with the Gift Trust Fund since its inception, and currently serves as its chair. He has previously served two terms as Deacon and is currently serving his fourth term as Elder. Paul served on the Sr. Pastor Nominating Committee, and has chaired the Diaconate Finance Committee, Nominating Committee, Worship Council, and Mission Council. 

Katherine Harrison – Katherine was baptized at FPC in 1997 and rejoined the church in 1997.  Her activities in the church include Preschool Board Chair, Christian Education council, Adult Sunday School and Women on the Run Bible Study.  She also has been involved with the Sunday Fellowship Breakfast preparation and is currently serving as a Deacon and a Shepherd.

Nancy Tatnall – Nancy is currently serving as a Deacon and is in charge of scheduling deacons for duty.  She is co-chair of the Mission Council, a volunteer with Club 330, and has been Red Cross Blood Drive Organizer, Day of Service Organizer and Mission Fair organizer. Nancy has served as an Alpha Volunteer, Sunday School teacher, VBS chair and has been a member of the Carillon Ringers. Nancy has been a member of FPC since 1983. 

James Goodlet – Jim has served several terms on the Diaconate and the Session, the Youth and College Council and is a past chair of Worship Council. He was on the Speed Building Committee and was co-chair of the FPC 175th Celebration, Organist Search Committee, and the Kirk’ of the Tartan. Jim has been involved in FPC Mexico Mission trips, Sunday School, and is a current member of the Chancel choir.  He has been a member since 1976.

Brent Law – Brent has served as a Deacon, Elder, a member of the Christian Ed council and was Chair of Worship Council.  He has been a member of FPC for 25 years, taught 1st Grade Sunday School for 18 years and is a current member of the New Seasons Sunday School Class. Brent has also been involved in the youth program and helped to coordinate the youth suppers at the Warehouse.

Karl Maassen – Karl is a life-long member of FPC and has been involved in the youth, scouts and music programs.  He was a member of FPC Scout Troop 252 and served as a Senior Patrol Leader and earned his Eagle Scout. Karl has been a youth advisor at FPC since 2009 and also provides tech support to Track 25.

Catherine Mew – Catherine has been a member of FPC for 7 years. She has served on the FPC Preschool Board as chair and vice-chair as well as being a lead teacher. She is a co-story teller for Track 25 and is currently leading the 4th and 5th grade classes. Catherine is involved in FPC’s growing drama ministry and has also served on several local theatre boards.

Lynne Sloop – Lynne has been a member of FPC since 1989. She has been involved with the music ministry as former Bell Choir director, an accompanist, and Music Director Search Committee member.  She is a current member of the Chancel Choir and Kirk Ringers, an AV volunteer, and MUST Summer lunch volunteer.  Lynne also led First Place program and was involved with the Presbytery New Church Development.