Children in Worship


Children in Worship

Children’s Worship Folders 

Blue folders containing materials designed to help children participate more fully in the worship service are located in the back of the Sanctuary and Great Hall. Each folder contains worksheets that relate to the sermon topic or scripture, a catechism question, a Think-About-It card, crayons and a pen.

Children’s Church

During the 11:15 a.m. worship service Children’s Church is offered for children in 4-year Pre-K through 1st grade. Children worship with their parents until Children's Time.

After Children's Time, children go with the Children's Church leaders to the Children's Church room for the remainder of the hour. Parents meet their children after the service in room #104. Children’s Church is led by volunteers from the congregation who serve on a rotating basis.

On Communion Sundays, all children remain in the worship services so that they may celebrate the sacrament with their church family.



Children's Time

During the 11:15 a.m. service, all children are invited to come to the front for a talk with the worship leader. After the Children's Time, children in 4-year Pre-K through 1st grade may go to Children's Church. All other children may return to their seats.