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Happy Easter from your PNC!  We have been working diligently and are making progress. We published our Ministry Information Form (MIF) in January and began receiving applications that very day.  We have evaluated almost 140 candidates since then.  In March, we started interviewing (mostly via Skype) and this month are visiting several candidates in their home church.  We are proceeding cautiously and yet at the same time, in due haste.  We are ever grateful for your prayers and expressions of support.  We ask that you continue to pray for our committee, our church, and also for the individual God is already preparing to come here.  

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Past Updates

Your FPC Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC) would like to update you on our progress. As of  January 9th, FPC's MIF (Ministry Information Form) was published on-line. Before the end of our first day we had already received numerous PIFs (Personal Information Forms) from interested senior pastor candidates. The PNC previously spent time developing a number of systems to track, evaluate and respond to each candidate before the PIFs arrived in mass. 

As we leave behind the getting-started phase of the PNC process, we stand firm in our commitment to evaluate each and every applicant thoroughly with hearts open to God's will. To make sure we reach all potential applicants, the PNC has also developed a number of ads for targeted Presbyterian publications and is working diligently to update and streamline FPC's presence on social media.  Our experience with the congregational survey made it clear to us just how alive and well God is at FPC and we want to make sure this spirit shines through in  every aspect of our search, from how we greet visitors at our doors to the images that define us online. 

It is a joyous moment for us  to enter into this new phase of our  process  with such a dynamic church and faithful congregation supporting us!  We are thrilled for our search to now be truly underway in this new year and we ask that you continue to pray for our committee and our church.  Please pray too for the individual that God is already preparing to come here and help us continue to serve and grow in His name. 

Greetings to our FPC congregation from your Pastor Nominating Committee! We members are honored to be charged by you to eventually complete a task that will hopefully be heartily approved by you, and most importantly, will enhance God’s purpose being further worked out here in this historic church.

Presently, a little over three months into our job, the PNC is told by its Cherokee Presbytery Committee on Ministry liaison that we are still closer to the beginning than the end … another way of saying that could be that the PNC is now near the end of the beginning of its task.

The Ministry Information Form, extensively worked on and now completed by the PNC, has been approved by Session and the Cherokee Presbytery Committee on Ministry. It has been uploaded online and by the time of this printing, it will be “live”, electronically opening the gates of opportunity to numerous potential candidates who might serve as our senior pastor.

Steps taken to this point have been clearly transparent. There is much to be done yet, progressively on a higher level of confidentiality, but you the congregation will continue to receive updates from this committee. For your information, the congregational survey has been studied thoroughly and results will be forthcoming. Please be reminded that the PNC is open to candidate suggestions which can be made personally or through the PNC box in the Gathering Space.

This committee earnestly desires that you the congregation remember us, your PNC members, in your prayers. Please remain assured that discerning God’s plan for our new senior pastor position is this committee’s highest goal. Pray for Him to show us the way!  

Hello and Merry Christmas!

The Pastor Nominating Committee would like to update you on our progress. First, we want to thank you for the incredible response to the congregational survey. We received over 200 responses! We have spent much time analyzing what you shared with us. We also thank the staff for generously giving of their time to share their thoughts with us. All of your input has been critical in completing the Ministry Information Form (MIF).

On Sunday, Dec. 18th, the completed MIF was approved by the Session, the first of three approvals needed before we can publish our MIF online and begin the search process.  It also marks a milestone for the PNC - we are beginning the conclusion of the first stage in our three-stage search process. Those 3 stages are:  1) Getting Started; 2) Conducting a Broad Search; and 3) Final Steps.

Our "Getting Started" stage involves conducting the surveys, completing the MIF, and obtaining Session and Presbytery Approvals. Our second stage, "Conducting a Broad Search," involves evaluating PIFs (candidate resumes), making preliminary visits and calls, researching candidates, and screening candidates to create our "short list." The last stage, "Final Steps," involves conducting final interviews, identifying our candidate of choice, obtaining Congregation, Session, and Presbytery Approvals, and completing the transition. These stages are depicted in the diagram below.

We are excited to be positioned to begin the search process with the new year!  We ask that you pray for our committee and our church. Pray, too, for the individual that God is already preparing to come here.

We will regularly update you on our progress. At any time if you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact us. Three easy ways are:

We thank you for your prayers and your support! 

Your Pastor Nominating Committee