Our Staff


Pastoral Staff

Rev. Joe Evans

Senior Pastoroffice: (770) 427-0293 x232

Rev. Joe Brice

Associate Pastoroffice: (770) 427-0293 x238

Rev. Cassie Waits

Associate Pastor for Discipleshipoffice: (770) 427-0293 x256

Adult Discipleship Ministry

Dr. Brennan Breed

Theologian In Residence

Administrative Ministry

Sandi Campos

Food Ministry Associateoffice: (770) 427-0293 x225

Kelly Dewar

Director of Communicationsoffice: (770) 427-0293 x241

Will Myers

Director of Media Artsoffice: (770) 427-0293 x254

Susan Palacios

Executive Assistantoffice: (770) 427-0293 x226

Melissa Ricketts

Director of Administrationoffice: (770) 427-0293 x248

Andy Workman

Director of Finance/Facililtiesoffice: (770) 427-0293 x224

Becca Yan

Ministry/Membership Coordinatoroffice: (770) 427-0293 x260

Family and Youth Ministry

Alesia Jones

Director of Children's Ministryoffice: (770) 427-0293 x249

Jennifer Rives

Mother's Morning Out Coordinatoroffice: (770) 427-0293 x229

Betsy Sherwood

Weekday Preschool Director/Nursery Coordinatoroffice: (770) 427-0293 x229

Aimee Bush

Food Bank Ministry Coordinatoroffice: (770) 427-0293 x242

Missions Ministry

Mary Groves

Director of Club 3:30office: (770) 427-0293 x228

Music and Fine Arts Ministry

Dr. Calvert Johnson


Dr. Jeffrey Meeks

Director of Music and Fine Artsoffice: (770) 427-0293 x262

Music & Fine Arts Instructors

Jesse Baker

Trumpet Instructor

Colleen Crotty

Will Myers

Director of Media Artsoffice: (770) 427-0293 x254