Associate Pastor Nominating Committee


Associate Pastor Nominating Committee


The Associate Pastor Nominating Committee (APNC), per the adopted procedures of First Presbyterian Church, Marietta, Georgia, shall be composed of nine members consisting of two members of the Session, two members of the Diaconate, and five members of the Congregation who are not currently on the Session or the Board of Deacons. The Session and Diaconate will nominate their own candidates.

The Officer Nominating Committee (ONC) is soliciting suggestions to fill five congregational at-large positions of the APNC, which will seek candidates for the newly created position of Associate Pastor. No paid staff member shall be a member of the APNC, and no person shall serve on the APNC with a member of his or her immediate household. Otherwise, all active members of the Congregation are eligible to serve on the APNC.

Multiple forms may be submitted.

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